This topic includes links to all current free audio-app downloads. It will be updated as new software is made available.


These apps are compiled standalone applications.

1. MIDI Patchbay for Windows 10

A simple utility for connecting different MIDI ports and channels together. Because Soundflower is part of MacOS, it is for Windows only, as a repelacement of the removed MIDI Mapper utility in Windows.


MIDI Patchbay for Windows 10

Cost: $0.00

2. Synthcore 2

The Synthcore2 Main Panel

Synthcore 2 is one of the most powerful analog emulation synthesizers ever made, based on features from the OSCAR and Waldorf Q. The monophonic version is now available for free download in Windows 32/64 and Mac OS X binaries.


SynthCore2 (Windows 10 and Macos X)

Cost: $0.00

Context-senstive help is available in the panel. For the online Synthcore2 user documentation, please see:

Additional information on the design methodology in the Synthcore DSP library is also available online. Please see the following graphical object design notes. Downloads of these patches is available in the Cycling'74 area.

3. Godel for Windows and MacOS

A subset of Yofiel's premiere ensemble, Godel, is available in a free synth for Windows, Cycling74 MAX, and Max for LIVE! downloads.

Godel 3.2 Main Panel

Godel 2 is available for Windows and MacOS. Godel 3.2 is currently only available as a Max 7.3 application.

Due to file size and the occasional necessity for update notifications for OS changes,login is required for the native app downloads. If you have not registered, pleaseregister first. If you have forgotten your username or password, please see the links on thelogin form. Registration is not required for Cycling74 Max downloads.


Godel2 (Win32)

Cost: $0.00

4. Ableton Live Devices

Godel 3 is also available as a Max 4 Live (M4L) device. You must own both Ableton Live and M4L to use this device, and you must also own Max7.2+ to edit this device.


Godel3 for Live

Cost: $0.00