I could start with a coffin-maker's nod to Prince, Queen, Adele, Neil Young, Aerosmith, and the Rolling Stones. They are also on the roster of those whom Trump has wished an earlier demise. But my own farewell has to start at Trump’s five-star hotel in Scotland, where hundreds of military personnel have been staying at triple normal rates, and at taxpayer expense.

Adieu, new Swamp
Adieu, new Swamp

I know the hotel well, because my grandmother chose to pass away there, long before Trump bought it. Because I have a personal connection with this hotel, It has always been difficult to fill rooms there because the primary allure is a golf course, but it rains 300 days a year. Even so, Trump’s excuses for sidestepping the law there, such as it being on foreign land and thus outside any governance except his own, are particularly offensive to me. Yet even though it’s undeniably graft, Trump may order his own soldiers to pay exorbitant rates for a stay at his own hotel, at taxpayer expense, again. The evidence of Trump’s graft is undeniable, yet now unimpeachable, even when it is a direct violation of the Constitution’s ‘emoluments’ clause. The bands I list above are only a few more examples on the roster for further fiscal exploitation, as I will explain in far more depth than I’ve seen written anywhere else.

Trump’s graft is unimpeachable because, today the impeachment hearings ended, and House Leader Nancy Pelosi has previously stated they will not pursue other offenses, and certain house victory will send Trump’s impeachment to the Senate (where it is certain to fail). Of course Nancy Pelosi is a politician and so may change her mind, and whatever she decides, her party will approve and the other won’t. But so far she has said Trump won’t be impeached for anything else, and that means, at least one thing he’s unimpeachable for is graft. It was uncertain before, but now it’s as certain as it can be.

Meanwhile, there’s no way to stop Trump committing graft again. Trump is Commander in Chief, and he’s not even been charged with graft at all. Many similar travesties should have ousted the nepotic Trump family from office already, yet instead they have fallen by the wayside and lost in a dizzying storm of continual new and future perversions, whipping up new horrors from the mud, each new one with such brief frenzy that even criminal nepotism in the Biden family passes into the gloom. What new boundaries of law would arrive if the Bidens take over? It would have to start somewhere in the new Swamp of the Unprecedented, churned up by Trump’s successful defiance of law.

Even before Trump walked on his first rally’s stage, he played commercial rock music without paying royalties, or even trying to ask any musicians' permission to play their songs many times to tens of thousands. His rallies were replayed on social media to millions. Among others, the band Queen pointed out royalties were not unreasonable, as the association with Trump’s campaign caused them to lose other market sales. It would be easy to demonstrate with political demographics of their sales to show Queen was losing money, they pointed out. Trump stopped playing Queen, but never paid royalties for the times he had already played Queen’s songs. Then, when the Prince estate said it did not want Prince’s music played at all, Trump ignored it and recently played Prince songs anyway, at a Trump rally one month before the impeachment started. That also was not impeachable, apparently. So maybe Queen now has to regard Trump not playing their songs as of out-of-court settlement, and the most they will get, and not expect ever to get royalties for the times he used their music already.

It may seem a small defiance of law, and the amount of money may seem relatively small, but just as for the graft case in Scotland, it somehow remains an unpunishable offense. Moreover in Queen's case, the GOP knew Trump was not playing music royalties for his political rallies before its primaries, and the GOP still nominated him the Republican Presidential Candidate, implying a kind of immunity from indemnification even before Trump took office.

Out of so many potential crimes, exactly why did the Democrats again single out foreign interference in this nation's election process? Why choose foreign interference at all? They already tried to implicate Russia's Putin. This similar attack on Ukraine's Zelensky was even less likely to win nonpartisan support, not the least because no President since Nixon has permitted 'tape' recordings of all Oval Office conversations. There are no tapes exactly because, without them, allegations from transcripts are unreliable. However stupid one may think Trump is, he obviously understood that from the very beginning and knew he was going to win.

Part of the Democrat's explanation has been a lot of hypocrisy about democracy's sanctity, which they do rightly feel is too fragile to survive any serious attempt at manipulation by other nations. The other part has been that the public is not generally capable of following more complex scandals, which is ridiculous, considering how obvious Trump is guilty of graft in his Scottish hotel.

Why were the democrats really so keen on an inevitably doomed impeachment? For one thing, it was the only sure way to avoid a third world war. Trump would have no compunction against playing the nuclear football if he thought he needed it for political advantage. One can be glad he is not so maniacal to want a nuclear war anyway, as almost immediately when he learned of Pelosi's plan to impeach him, he fired John Bolton. This horrific man had already started manufacturing operations thaq are converting B61-12 nuclear bombs into missiles, to be dropped from new VTOL F35, the radar-invisible B2 Spirit, from aircraft carriers. Additionally, the missile tailfins were modified to focus their nuclear blast downwards, making them into the 'nuclear bunker buster bombs' Trump needed, because the North Korean bunkers are buried too deep to be reached by conventional bunker busters. They were all ready to go in October, when N Korea's President made another excuse for the USA to start a war, but an impeachment that Trump was sure to win had already started. If we were truly to thank Pelosi for her impeachment fiasco, it could only be because it may have narrowly averted a nuclear war.

If it were even remotely possible that Trump was going to lose the impeachment, where exactly would that leave the Democrats on Russia’ takeover of the Crimea from Ukraine? At least the Russian investigations incriminated Russia. But there is a problem. The USA has been denying the Crimea's election validity to leave the Ukraine and join Russia. The Crimea are still under sanctions for it. Now the Democrats would also be incriminating the President of the Ukraine for accepting bribes too, in which case, Russia certainly would have legitimate reason to demand removal of sanctions on the Crimea. Thus, in terms of international policy, the Democrats also have no reason to victimize the Ukraine too, especially when there appears so many other possible ways to attack Trump anyway.

There is only one rational explanation. There is now so much domestic corruption already, the politicians can't safely pick any travesty besides foreign interference. If they picked any national issue al all, it would have led to a massive blood letting of equally absurd corruptions throughout all elected offices nationwide. That may seem hyperbole when you first consider it, but the more you think about it, the more it becomes an unavoidable conclusion.

When accusing Trump of crime, at the highest level of power and authority, there are corollary casualties extending beyond collaborators, and beyond the direct victim, to other similar victims throughout society. Similar victims can then demand similar restitution. Declaring a crime at the highest level, which is meant to be the most infallible, makes the crime even more significant at all levels of society. A successful attack on the pinnacle of authority reverberates throughout all levels of the political system. Hence the crime must not be so commonly unpunished as to cause widespread lawsuits. And here is the depressing point. Even nepotism and emoluments are beyond reach. One can't believe the Democrats would focus on phone conversations with Ukraine otherwise. As any person familiar with Nixon’s impeachment knows, without actual tape recordings of the President specifically ordering the crime, it’s too easily deniable. In fact, it’s even subconsciously assumed. Trump was not paying musician royalties for his rallies before he was nominated President, but he was nominated President anyway. It was too small an issue to matter, they thought, compared to being a President. Now, after a myriad other issues too small to matter, the Republican majority defeats impeachment with ease. Surely, as this one event was singled out, it should have been the worst of all of Trump’s crimes? As it is the worst, and he can’t be impeached for that, then all the other events of graft and nepotism were not in fact crimes, and so now, any one can do the same things with righteous impunity?

When Trump says 'the calls were perfect,' the most perfect part of them to Trump was that they were not recorded. The democrats knew that, but they still didn't pick anything else. Trump really is not as stupid as he makes himself seem. It's easier to manipulate people when they think you're stupid. So Trump does it on purpose. He makes himself seem stupid because it makes people's reactions are very predictable. He's been doing it a long time and he's very good at it. He's so good at it, he's fooled the entire democratic party at the highest levels of power, again, in the most despicable manner.

Why is no one saying this? Well I may be can, but I do KNOW the answer. No American, including me, could state this without falling into Socratic exile. The main difference between this impeachment and prior ones is that consistent attacks on the other political party have become the only universally approved scornful act. Corruptions to the advantage of both parties continue not only unchecked, nor even merely ignored, but far worse, completely unstated at all. Including by me, now.

I can't state this in public. It's social suicide. Maybe I can join the Green party if I can find it, but the other parties also continue to shrink here, and they were already tiny. Otherwise, I can't even talk to any Americans at all without offending them.No one wants to hear this, because one is either pro Trump or against him. One can't think the Democrats are wrong too. Meanwhile, the electoral college system continues to assure that American citizens actually have no say at all in who will run against Trump, as both sides have already fiddled with the laws so electoral officials can pick whoever they want, and ignore the primary election results entirely, without anyone even knowing if necessary.

It's already gone way beyond gerrymandering. The whole political system is riddled with unremovable corruption, making foreign interference the only safe impeachable offense. Part of the reason is America’s education system, ranked somewhere awful even compared to only other industrialized nations. Most Americans still somehow believe that impeachment is an impartial judicial process. In fact the outcome is purely decided by any party with more than 60 of the US Senate’s 100 seats. During Clinton’s impeachment, no party members crossed party lines at all. Since then, the partisan divide has only widened.

The impeachment was bound to fail from the outset. It is so predictable what will happen in the Senate, it’s possible to predict the failure before Congress votes on it. Democrats have said this was all necessary because he should be punished for doing wrong. Such idealism is admirable, but in practicality, the result has actually been to whitewash a large number of dark greys. Now Trump will boast how innocent he was for the next five years, even in the Senate trials if he can, and so he is virtually assured winning the next election. Then one of Trump’s son’s has already signaled he will be running for President in 2024, apparently with GOP blessing already.

It's incredibly depressing, no one wants to confront the real truth of it, and it’s all so predictable that a post mortem on the next five years can be written on it already. Sadly, whenever I have talked about such things before on social media, there is an inevitable complaint that I have been offensively unpatriotic, and my account subsequently blocked again. I can’t say anything more or my account would be blocked, and I have no alternative place to publish such thoughts. So for at least the next five years, this is the last thing I have to say at all. Farewell :)