From best available data, the direct cost of firearm casualties to taxpayers in 2017 is 16 billion dollars. This equates to ~$136 in annual tax per household, or $407 per gun owner (as projected from 2010 data, which is the most recent available).

Gun-Violence Cost, 2017
Gun-Violence Cost, 2017

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Projected Cost of Firearm Violence, 2017
Average# incidentsPer IncidentTotal
MedicalWork LossTaxpayer costMedicalTaxpayer cost
Fatal accidents$10,041$1,405,782$143,6433,376$33,898,416$484,938,109
Fatal Suicide$3,616$1,084,270$110,79123,232$84,006,912$2,573,889,742
Fatal Homicide$9,519$1,651,151$168,7157,397$70,412,043$1,247,981,964
non-fatal accidents$20,894$82,069$8,3865,956$124,444,664$49,945,887
Non-fatal Suicide$38,906$134,188$13,7114,385$170,602,810$60,124,181
Non-fatal assault$19,777$78,737$8,04527,377$541,434,929$220,257,456
Taxpayer share of medical(Low 52%, high 85%)68.5%$370,882,926$4,637,137,339
Police costs$2,11971,723$151,981,037
Legal costs$395,21123,232$9,181,541,952
Insurance processing$1,81071,723$129,818,630
emergency transport$54471,723$39,017,312
Grand TotalWith cumulative inflation since 2010 (10.4%):$16,019,458,633


First, as noted inProjected Firearm Casualties in 2017: data demonstrably stand in direct apposition to gun-lobby propaganda blaming violent criminals as the only cause of firearm casualties. It is more than reasonable to assert that owning a gun is at least three times more dangerous to the owner than to any criminal, and possibly an order of magnitude more dangerous. Perhaps more significantly to those less concerned for the dead, a third of U.S. households now own guns, and from current census data. the above numbers equate to a direct taxpayer cost of $407 per gun owner for 2017.

it should be noted that $407/gun owner for 2017 is actually a very conservative estimate. Medical costs are significant, they mostly cannot be paid by the victims or aggressors because they are too poor, and medical costs have increased far more than 10.4% since 2010 (as those currently in power are fond of pointing out).

The extreme cost, coupled with the actual reasons for most deaths, account for the escalating (and successful) efforts of gun lobbyists to divert attention from actual data. Moreover, there are now more places selling guns in the USA than Starbucks, McDonalds, and supermarkets combined. *All* those profiting from the taxpayer burden are aggressively opposed to any study of the cost that their profits impose on others.

Due to constraints on government spending on firearm casualty research imposed by prior legislature, sponsored by gun lobbies, there exists no further validation or denial of the above facts beyond that provided here, and fully detailed in the document below. Repeated efforts to increase funding in gun-violence research have been slammed down, despite there now being more deaths due to firearms than to automobiles, and despite the continuing increase in firearm fatalities, as fully explained in the following download.

Details and Corroboration

I am a retired student of philosophy from Oxford University. I compiled the above information out of my own interests in the common good. I have no agenda for, sponsorship by, or association with any political or commercial organization either promoting firearms or laws against them. That being said, certain conclusions about the vested interests and bias of those selling and/or lobbying for more rights to use guns in lethal ways are inescapable, and need to be presented as the deceptions they are for the public well being..

Please download the full 9/16 Report, which provides ~3,000 data points, ~20,000 words, and >150 references for verification and corroboration of the above data in a formatted 20-page booklet, viewable and printable in Acrobat PDF format.