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Theories of Mind

Philosophy and Psychology of Mind.

Please note, this site is under reconstruction. The top level links and navigation all work, but cross links between articles are still being updated.


On the Nature of ColorTheories of Mind2019-12-22 12:45:042020-01-21 13:32:40
Computers, Consciousness, and BatsTheories of Mind2017-04-27 02:50:302019-12-20 10:08:59
Designing HAL: Software Architecture OverviewTheories of Mind2015-05-31 04:49:192019-12-20 10:08:59
Designing HAL (1): Hypercognition, Freud and JungTheories of Mind2015-05-25 07:10:352019-12-20 10:08:59
Designing HAL (2): A Learning AI with Emotions and DreamsTheories of Mind2015-05-27 04:40:392019-12-20 10:08:59
Designing HAL (3): Developing Emotions and Self AwarenessTheories of Mind2015-05-28 09:44:032019-12-20 10:08:59
Designing HAL (4): Play and Archetypal Formation in the Categorical Processing DomainTheories of Mind2015-05-30 03:12:532019-12-20 10:08:59