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The War on Truth

Fake News versus Trump Tweets; the logic of truth; evolution and pseudo-science; tba, climate change.


Is the 'Post-Truth Era' Real?The War on Truth2019-12-25 05:20:072019-12-25 05:21:08
Can Formal Logic Win the War on Truth?The War on Truth2017-04-13 17:33:052019-12-24 11:17:07
The War on EvolutionThe War on Truth2015-05-23 00:47:412019-12-20 13:53:58
The Pluto Planethood DebateThe War on Truth2015-05-23 01:20:452019-12-20 21:05:07
Non-Aristotelianism and General SemanticsThe War on Truth2015-05-09 20:10:262019-12-20 10:30:42
On Supernatural, Mystical, and Magical ForcesThe War on Truth2012-06-30 21:08:572019-12-20 21:16:32
A Criticism of Emotive CriticismThe War on Truth2015-05-23 21:34:552019-12-20 10:30:42
Too many prosecutors, not enough jurorsThe War on Truth2019-10-01 09:46:472019-12-20 10:30:42
Welcome to your new swamp, where even Graft is now OKThe War on Truth2019-11-22 21:21:592019-12-20 10:30:32
Non-violent Direct Action as a Catalyst for ChangeThe War on Truth2012-06-17 10:04:362019-12-20 11:41:30
Occam's Razor, DulledThe War on Truth2012-06-30 21:07:182019-12-20 11:41:30