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Gun Rights

Four years of research on gun rights, gun safety, and the 2nd amendment.

Please note, this site is under reconstruction. The top level links and navigation all work, but cross links between articles are still being updated.


A Natural-Rights Resolution to 2nd-Amendment Paradoxes.Gun Rights2019-12-30 14:05:392020-01-05 03:33:52
Responsible WeaponryGun Rights2018-03-24 00:40:412019-12-20 09:00:15
The 2/18 Report: Third Eyes on Guns and Hate PropagandaGun Rights2016-08-17 17:42:412020-01-03 04:59:25
Natural Rights, Gun Rights, and Legal RightsGun Rights2016-01-10 18:19:222019-12-30 16:45:51
Guns are More Dangerous to Owners than CriminalsGun Rights2016-01-31 02:40:522018-03-01 08:33:21
The 9/16 Report: Firearm Casualties in the USAGun Rights2016-09-14 15:12:002020-01-03 02:44:35
A Benthamite Solution to Gun ControlGun Rights2015-12-08 17:59:002018-03-01 08:12:45
Crime Caused only 6% of Firearm Fatalities in 2014Gun Rights2016-01-23 04:12:432018-03-01 08:12:45
Gun-Violence Tax and Mandatory InsuranceGun Rights2016-01-02 21:16:512020-01-03 16:11:14