Well waddaya know, something different....a unique groove generator...


Tired of thsoe monotonous clockwork rhythms? Zeno groovemaker to the rescue. It works by fluctuating the speed of the clock and song position counter. It also has a gate output. Included is a little ensemble with it hooked up to separate sequencer and synthesizer. It also can drive an external midi synthesizer.

In this design, when you move a beat forward in time, the clock during that beat gets faster, then the following beat gets correspondingly slower, maintaining an even overall tempo.

There's a few snaps to show the types of things it can do. It's really it's easy to drag the yellow lines left and right to alter the timing of each beat. The user interface has some unusual features. For example, one can gang the yellow lines together and move a whole bunch at once.



Reaktor 5 Legacy Bundle 2

Cost: $10.00