Everything you want in a MIDI patch bay.


Everything you want in a MIDI patch bay! This was my first attempt at a universal patcher.

Change scenes from a footpedal ..fade between multilayer patches with a modwheel...adjust velocity, bend, and aftertouch response on a per-snap basis...change keyboard splits with aftertouch...remap any MIDI parameter to any other....combine, gate, and shape control signals..

Yes it's just what you always wanted--a full-featured MIDI patch bay in Reaktor, now handling over 30 control sources in a simpler and more user-friendly way.

Redbook takes input from one midi channel and maps it to four buses, with assignable midi channel on each bus. You can split the keyboard across the four buses. You can remapany MIDI parameters (controllers, aftertouch, bend, velocity--even velocity and note pitch) to any other. You can scale output ranges, apply curves, and issue real-time results to any of the four outputs. You can send program changes to any of the four outputs. You can save scenes and decide which control values are stored in the snapshot, or which use the external instrument's own settings.

Compared to RedbookII, the architecture is greatly simplified. If you want to work in Reaktor directly, there are four "stub" instruments which you can fill in with your own designs.

If you want to work in VST or whatever, you can use the patchbay to control other instruments--and store custom controller settings in the patch bay over the top of other instrument presets, with different controller recalls from the patch bay changing different sets of parameters in the target instrument. So for example, you can create "subpatches" over a single preset.

Also in RedbookIII are some novel--and robust--XY macros that make it extremely easy to apply curves and 2D breakpoints.

In addition, there's a sophisticated system for combining any two MIDI sources. For example, you can scale a MIDI controller by pitch; you can gate pitch bend with a footpedal, and send the result as aftertouch to any outputs; you can sample and hold the bend wheel with the sustain pedal; you can add or multiply two control values together; and so on.

As before, any midi source can send program changes. Redbook has a "continuous" mode where for example a modwheel can spool between some range of programs on any of the outputs. And it has a "step" mode so for example, a footpedal can cycle between snapshots, again, on any of the outputs. Redbook can also now echo controller vlaues stored in the patch bay back to into the midi input device, without risk of event loops crashing your system.

Now also it's possible to assign midi controllers for changing the patchbay snapshot. This means for example you could gate a particular keyboard note to spool through different patch routings.

Because the velocity, pitchbend, and aftertouch response curves are stored in the patchbay snapshot, you can adjust them to the required characteristics of the target instrument or patch.

Or, you can just store different snapshots, each of which contain a particular map of keyboard controllers from your MIDI input device to other synths.

All of it fits in a 1024x768 window, convenient for laptops, and the CPU usage is negligible. Any one wanting a custom patchbay design for their own studios, I will provide custom designs--(for a nominal fee).

New in v1.2

  • New polynomial curve shaping available on velocity, aftertouch, and six XY shapers in the B panel (see screenshot for some examples). There are multisegment lines, and two types of curves. Extremely easy to use!
  • On snap changes, custom program changes can be sent to each output channel separately. Program change is sent to each channel only if its RCL button is on,then any controller values with their RCL button on are also sent to that channel. So for example, you can use program change buttons on your MIDI input controller to change to different midi programs on four VST instruments simultaneously, with custom controller values on each.
  • Updated bend output logic for v3.
  • Fixed reversed names on keysplit buttons.
  • fixed bug with echoing controller values on the input channel.
  • Adjusted prog# display to show 1-128 (instead of 0-127), and simplified the bus controls for program selection.



Reaktor 5 Legacy Bundle 2

Cost: $10.00