A totally unique performance synthesizer with a unique polyphonic arpeggiator design.


This is the venerable Kant ensemble, originally developed for Reaktor 2.0, now updated for 4.1.

Kant's arpeggiator and envelope triggering mechanism is totally unique, with trigger division making possible use of the ensemble as an algorithmic music composition unit.

At first this ensemble was not particularly popular, probably as it was alot more complicated than most Reaktor synths at its conception (Reaktor v2.3). However over time it has acquired some *very* avid fans. I'm told it's still being used in stage performances all over the world.

Kant is a subtractive synth with:

  • A polyphonic arpeggiator that can play 2 separate oscillators independently, for complex rhythmic and melodic effects. The arpeggio can be run for a little button keyboard or from external MIDI. The MIDI works really quite well and can be alot of fun.
  • 7 polyphonic LFOs
  • 6 envelopes
  • A dual serial/parallel filter with multiple morphing modes
  • Effects
  • Signal analysis
  • Pitch/Gate taps for outputting the arpeggio sequences as MIDI
  • Numerous additional features--Over 300 on-screen controls and over 50 performance indicators.

The sequencer can play either or of the amplitude envelopes (VCAs). If a VCA is not being triggered by the sequencer, incoming MIDI can trigger it, so the instrument can be used as combination real-time lead/rhythm unit.

There are VERY extensive screen tooltips, and also readmes in the structure explaining the logic, that have received many compliements.

In Reaktor 2, this ensemble consumed 30% of a 866MHz P3. Strangely Reaktor 4 can use 4-8x as much CPU on Windows platforms. I looked through it but cannot find an obvious explanation. It's reported that this does not occur on Mac platforms.

If you are a logic designer, you may also enjoy the butterfly sort in the logic structure. It was my first big structure, also still unique in conception, and I'm gratified that it still functions in Reaktor 4, considering this was originally built in 1999!



Reaktor 5 Legacy Bundle 2

Cost: $10.00