Kafka is not your Sesame Street Yamaho playdho.
Uh oh. You wake up in the morning and find yourself suddenly transformed into a giant insect. You can wave an antenna feebly, wondering what's for breakfast. Oh my god, your fiancee is at the door. What are you going to do...


This instrument will screech and moan. It will wallow and tremble. But it won't blow your speakers--it's designed to be *politely disrespectful while cathartically suicidal. Oh the horror of it. If you like malevolent filters which can do things nothing else ever will, then this is for you.

Many thanks to NI for providing the drawable envelopes, updated in this version together with more snaps to horrify you.

..and remember, if you've turned into an insect like poor old K....it was the violins that got him killed.....


Reaktor 5 Legacy Bundle 2

Cost: $10.00