The clock panel sends a single pulse train to all sequencer channels in parallel. The clock panel is shared by all sequencer channels; it does not change when the sequencer channel changes.

Clock Panel
Clock Panel

1. BPM

Sets the internal clock speed in beats per minute (4/4 time assumed, as for the BPM display in the Reaktor toolbar).


Varies the amount of randomness, applied not only to internal clock frequency, but also to notes and chords. The random variation, chosen as a fraction or multiple, has a normal distribution around the set value. Values over 1 cause very random effects.

Jitter Panel
Jitter Panel

See the B panelset for global controls to tune the jitter amount for each target.


When on, divides the BPM of the internal clock by 4. The BPM knob resolution and value display update accordingly.

4. EXT

Enables external clock. The instrument can use an external clock (also the clock in the Reaktor toolbar), or its internal clock.

If using an external clock, the instrument has less control over clock parameters, and the controls which are not applicable are hidden from view. However, Reaktor's clock module has a limited resolution, set by the application's event rate. An external clock therefore provides more accurate timing for clock rates which are not exact multiples of the event rate.

5. 0 at ON

Affects behavior when the clock is turned on or the snapshot changes.

When this button is on, upon snap recall and clock stop/start/continue, the song position restarts at zero.

When this button is off, the song position is retained, even after clock stop/start.


Temporarily disables clock signal without losing rhythm sync.


Resets the clock and MIDI outputs. If you change snaps and "0 at on" is off, and triggers are not set to SYNC, the sequence steps may be at different points. Sending a reset causes all the sequencer counters to resynchronize.

8. Version Notes

  • Clock Reset - V099 adds an additional CLOCK control, RESET, a momentary switch to set the current sequencer position back to zero.