In DOCTOR WHAT, the red dalek leader (Trump) argues about total world domination with the blue dalek leader. Regenerated into a new teddy-bear body, DOCTOR WHAT tries to resolve the situations. Here I describe how I am making the videos in Cycling74 Max8, and the first script.(The show is based on BBC's 'Doctor Who,' the longest running TV series in the world, about the last surviving member of an ancient race who travels through time and space helping good people in trouble. The daleks are his oldest arch enemy.)


When it appears, the TARDIS renders onto an OpenGL stage backdrop, rendered separately in DAZ Carrara Pro v8.5. Theme music plays from MIDI.

Next, I'll make separate texture models for the two daleks, with real-time voice-driven animation, with the Dalek domes lighting up as each talks. That is difficult to do in most animation software, which is why I chose Cycling74 Max8 to make it. The Dalek voices are 'vocoded' using an emulation of the original ring modulator designed for the purpose in the 1960s.

Series 1 [again]: "2015 AD:" Episode 1: "Red Dalek enters Presidential Race"

Episode one, expected soon, concludes by the red dalek exterminating the blue dalek, simply achieved by fast switching of one dalek model between phong shading and wireframe rendering modes. Opening script:

RED DALEK: I am red dalek leader -- and my purpose is total world domination -- by enslaving the poor without them realizing it. And I will run for USA SUPREME COMMANDER!

BLUE DALEK: I am blue dalek leader and -- I am better than you -- because I enslave the rich. And you are STUPID! You do not even know the Supreme Commander is called President in the USA! My abilities are superior! You will obey me or I will EXTERMINATE YOU!

RED DALEK: You are incorrect! The President is also Commander in Chief of the USA, whose army is the largest in the world! So I will also be Supreme Commander of NATO! They will even pay for my domination, or they will be exterminated!

BLUE DALEK: You are incorrect, not me! Doctor What will use the poor to stop you becoming Supreme Commander! You will need me to control the poor, or you will not achieve total world domination!

RED DALEK: Are you talking about Doctor Who?

BLUE DALEK: No, I told you, Doctor What

RED DALEK: Who is Doctor What?

BLUE DALEK: It is not Who! it is What! Doctor Who was on first, but now it's What!

RED DALEK: How do I know what it is? I don't know What, I only know Who!

BLUE DALEK: I already told you, What is Who. Who was on first, but now What's on

RED DALEK: I don't care what's on now. I need to know when Doctor Who's here, not whats on now.

BLUE DALEK: What IS on now. Who's not on now. Who was on first, and What's on after. She was Who, after he was she, but now she is What.

RED DALEK: That's what I just told you, I don't know what she is, I only know Who.

BLUE DALEK: And I just told you too, Who is What! Now you are being stupid again! You do not deserve to be dalek leader!

RED DALEK: If Who is what, where is what? What is not here, so I can be supreme commander, and you did not obey! You did not tell me when who is, and you shall be exterminated!

BLUE DALEK: I just told you, Who was on, but now Who is What!

{TV appears with tardis noise. Teddy bear appears on TV}

DOCTOR: Sorry about this, but I reversed the polarity of the neutron flow and now Im stuck in a TV set...So what's here, yes I was who, but now Im what, so what's on now, .I do know its confusing, now who I am is what. It's true I was who, and who was a he, then who was a she, but then I regenerated into what, so maybe you can just call me the Doctor, it's simpler. So, daleks again, hmm? What is it this time? total world domination again?

BLUE DALEK: Alert! what is here!

RED DALEK: Why are you asking about what is here? Can you not see it is the Doctor? You have gone insane! I must exterminate you! Alert! Alert! Calling all daleks! Danger! DANGER!

{zzzt. Blue dalek electrified. End credits roll}

I will be looking into making the animation of Doctor What later. This free .obj model is probably enough, I'll something like this spinning around at the beginning of the first episode.

Doctor Who regenerates as teddy bear
Doctor Who regenerates as teddy bear