Scroll To TopMac and PC Apps, 21 Feb 2020 23:10:13 -0800Joomla! - Open Source Content (Yofiel)Synthcore 2 complete). Note that all the controls are fully documented inside the Synthcore 2 syntheziser itself.
Synthcore2 architecture

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]]> (Administrator2)Mac and PC AppsFri, 03 Feb 2017 01:09:29 -0800Metamusic Panel Reference is the first in Yofiel's metamusic series of synthesizer designs. Future instruments will contain subsets and supersets of the Godel controls. This section now describes all of Godel 3's main panel controls in detail, and in the future will be expanded to note which are available in which instrument instance.

This is a top-level view of the Max patch to create the SVF filter gain compensation. It samples 300 SVF filters simultaneiously, reducing the time to complete table completion from 14 days to an hour.

SVF gain-compensation-table calculation

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]]> (Administrator2)Mac and PC AppsSun, 15 Feb 2015 06:25:18 -0800
Godel 3 for Live 3 for Ableton Live is now available for free. It fixes the Godel2 'no sound issue'; it is up to double the performance of Godel 2, uses less memory, and loads quickly; it adds 37 custom oscillator waveforms with variable shape and custom anti-aliasing, feeding an enhanced SVF with 5-dimensional gain compensation.

Here is a quick demo from a half-hour midnight session that shows what it can do.


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]]> ()Mac and PC AppsFri, 13 Feb 2015 21:42:27 -0800
Godel 3 Alpha Demo have been waiting patiently for this update, so here is a quick demo of the new oscillators in Gödel 3. Please excuse that it's not really a finished piece of music, it was made in less than half an hour after a long day of software innards.
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Max for Live Devices Available first Max for Live device, the polyphonic Godel arpeggiator and custom music synthesizer, is now available for download.

Godel 2 for Live!

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]]> (Administrator2)Mac and PC AppsThu, 04 Dec 2014 19:46:06 -0800
Godel 2 for Mac and Windows: Free Download 2 for the Macintosh and Windows is now available for free. It is up to double the performance of the beta, includes antialiased oscillators, adds a preset sequencer, sports a more compact user interface, and fixes all known bugs.

Godel 2

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