The first Max for Live device, the polyphonic Godel arpeggiator and custom music synthesizer, is now available for download.

Godel 2 for Live!
Godel 2 for Live!

Please note this software is updated to version 3.

1. Live! Installation and Setup

Put the zipfile in your Live devices folder, or another location you have set where Ableton Live can find devices. Unzip the file. It contains a.amxd file, and two.json files which are required for the device presets and settings. They should typically be in the same folder as the .amxd file, although I suppose if you are very clever you could get it to work with them in another location.

The files are not locked or otherwise protected, so you can edit them as you please. The device is written in Max 6.1 and uses gen~ for all audio functions.

2. Live! Parameters

The device stores its own presets, but all of the 160 parameters are set up to be accessible to Live! automation.

2.1. Differences from Standalone Versions

  • Audio and MIDI device settings, and CPU usage, are removed.
  • Tabs are not available to switch to subwindows for the nine pitch and velocity scaling controls. Simply click their thumbnails on the main panel to open them in separate windows.
  • The current version (2c) contains a full EPTR antialiased saw wave, and expands the range of MIDI notes which it may receive. This is not yet available in the standalone Mac and PC versions.

3. Additional Presets

Only a small number of presets are currently available. We will provide news when additional presets are available.

4. Known Issues

There are some slight UI changes between Max6 and Max7.,and the current version is 32 bits, but some peopel want 64 bits. So four separate versions will be published and a notificaziton sent to registered users when they are all ready. 

Depending on your audio configuation, you may have no sound initially. Please try increasing the gain aND changing the limiter cutoff point to+50dB, to see if that makes if a difference, and if it doesn't, post in the forums or send me a message, and I will try to find another way to get it to work on your hardwware. Thank you for your patience. 

5. More Information

For complete panel reference, please see:

Metamusic Panel Reference

For a user guide, please see:

Godel 3 for Live

6. Download

The zipfile is ~300KB.

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