>6 months in the making and the first of its kind, the Synthcore library contains a hundred functions written in Cycling74 gen~ codebox for audio. The download package includes: the library itself; a demo patch illustrating usage of the main functions; data files; and two complete synths built with the library that implement the audio path entirely in gen~.

Synthcore Library Demo Patch
Synthcore Library Demo Patch

Using the Library

All the signatures and return values are documented in the library code (which is ~1700 lines, listed below). The_LIBRARY.maxpat patch illustrates ~50 of the functions in operation.

Using the Synths

The_SYNTH.maxpat' andSYNTH_LITE.maxpat patches are included in the download at the end of this page. The 'lite' version is for Macintosh users who find the graphics too overwhelming for their machines.

SeeSynthcore 2, on this site, for more information.

The Source Code

The source code listing follows, so you can decide whether to get it :)

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  1. /*                    
  2.                         SYNTHCORE - ALL AUDIO IN GEN
  5.   * MATHS - qcos(), qsin(), db2a().
  6.   * PANS & SMOOTHERS - pan1(), pan2(), smoother(), smoother2(), smoother3(), 
  7.     rampgate(), ramptrig(), line().
  8.   * SATURATORS- parabol1(), parabol2(), paraboln(), hyperbol().
  9.   * 1-POLE FILTERS - static(), staticlo(), statichi(), shelflo(), shelfhi(). 
  10.   * BIQUADS - biquad(), biquad0(), biquadlow(), biquadlo2(), biguadlo3(),
  11.     biquadband(), biquadband2(), biquadband3(), biquadhi(), biquadhi2(),
  12.     biquadhi3(), biquadnotch(), biquadval(), biquadamp(), biquadplot(), 
  13.     biquadplot2().
  14.   * RAMP OSCS - ramp(), ramptrg(), rampgate(), rampphase(), rampsoft(),
  15.     rampsofter(), rampramp(), rampramper().
  16.   * OSCS  -    sine(), pulse1(), pulse2(), eptr(), eptrpulse(), eptrpulse3x(),
  17.     sawdown(), sawup(), tri(), tri2(), sawtri(), karplus(), karplusd(),
  18.     karplusenv(), karplusm(), waveset(), noiselpf(), noisebpf(), noisehpf(), 
  19.     noisenotch(), pinknoise(), noiseosc(), osc().
  20.   * IIR - comb().
  21.   * SVFs - upsample(), downsample() svf(), svfCoeffs3x(), gainComp(), 
  22.     svfMixer(), filt3x(), filt().
  23.   * LFOs - lfo(), lfopoly().
  24.   * EnvS - adsr(), adsrloop(), padsrloop(), adbdsrloop(), padbdsrloop().
  25.   * EFFECTS - glide(), ping1(), ping2(), chorus1(), chorus2(), diffdelay(), 
  26.     earlyreflections(), tank(), reverb().
  27. - DECLARATIONS - Buffers and constants.


A simple instrument made with Synthocre.




SynthCore Audio DSP Library v2.1 (Max7+)

Cost: $20.00