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Welcome to Yofiel: Named for the archangel of beauty, Yofiel provides knowledge and tools for you to be beautiful yourself. * NEWS: Newsletters are suspended and development is on hiatus while working on Chapter 2 ofMove the Moon!. Since writing Chapter 1, a number of people have been interested in it.

The Porch, by a neighbor in Sacramento, is now playing at the Geary theatre here. See the next newsletter for mail details (register and log in to subscribe).


For the introduction, seeLenin Metamodular.


Lenin Envelopes and filtersLenin Manual2013-12-01 11:35:132017-09-30 00:08:12
Lenin Sounds, Filters, and DistortionLenin Manual2013-12-01 11:38:412017-09-30 00:07:58
Lenin SequencersLenin Manual2013-12-01 11:36:572017-09-30 00:07:44
Lenin Globals and OutputLenin Manual2013-12-01 11:41:332017-09-30 00:07:27