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Welcome to Yofiel: Named for the archangel of beauty, Yofiel provides knowledge and tools for you to be beautiful yourself. NEWS:Lo, the ancient kingdom, the real ShangriLa rises? update in August 2018. Work continues on Chapter 2 ofMove the Moon! In the future, it's hoped that Yofiel will provide an electronic storefront for "Tech Teddies," including for example Teddy Ruxpin.


For the introduction, seeHobbes.


Hobbes ModulationHobbes Manual2013-12-01 15:37:282017-09-30 00:00:21
Hobbes Keyboard, MIDI, and GlobalsHobbes Manual2013-12-01 15:34:242017-09-30 00:01:03
Hobbes Audio PathHobbes Manual2013-12-01 15:40:302017-09-30 00:01:19