The first in a collection of 3D Models for Carrara.

A Render including this model of St Peter's Basilica
A Render including this model of St Peter's Basilica

This is an early release of the first file in this collection, which includes St Peter's Basilica and St Peter's Square, built for Carrara Pro 8.5. It is free for download without registration and under Gnu GPL. Enhancements are planned, and this is just to make sure it works as people want.

Basilica front
Basilica front


Unzip the files to any directory and open the Carrara file. If Carrara requests an image, find it in the TEXTURES subfolder, and the rest of the textures will be loaded from the same location. The textures include low-res images of 82 statues, suitable for distant views. A hi-res statue texture collection is in preparation.


The statues are 2D images on planes, designed to orientate themselves towards Camera 2, so that they are always visible. So, you can either use Camera 2 for rendering, or use Camera 1 to render, with Camera 2 positioned to provide the desired angle of statue orientation.

To see all the textures in the 3D view, set the map size to 1024 and then set the performance/quality slider all the way to the right.


This is the initial evaluation release.


Saint Peters Basilica

Cost: $0.00

This is a set of high-res PNG files for East-side statues on St Peter's Square. To use, simply copy them over the existing files in the textures folder.