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Under the nameHeavens*onEarth, Yofiel released Reaktor ensembles created between 2002 and 2010. Clients included professional musicians for E! Entertainment, TV series (30 Rock, Kings,. and The Philanthropist), Sony Movie Classics, and bands including Younger Brother and Shpongle. The metamusic designHusserl is the only independent Reaktor ensemble ever to be reviewed in Sound on Sound Magazine.

Husserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual

Husserl is a multifunction, polyphonic step sequencer that provides more possibilities in a single, integrated instrument than available anywhere else. Built as a Reaktor 5.0 ensemble, Husserl provides the same power as a modular system in a unified instrument. Sequences have many different trigger modes, can modulates each other in every way possible, and can respond to user interaction in any way possible.

For a complete introduction, seeHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor.

Electric Manual

For the introduction, seeGodel5 for Reaktor.

Godel Manual

For the introduction, seeGodel.

Hobbes Manual

For the introduction, seeHobbes.

Lenin Manual

For the introduction, seeLenin Metamodular.

Marx Manual

For the introduction, seeMarx Modular.


Electric AnalogReaktor Ensembles2009-10-30 09:32:472017-10-21 11:34:19
Godel5 for ReaktorReaktor Ensembles2009-12-01 09:04:132017-10-29 22:50:35
Hegel Modular WorkbenchReaktor Ensembles2005-02-01 19:25:202017-10-29 06:44:28
Heidegger WavetableReaktor Ensembles2004-10-06 19:21:002017-09-29 22:43:28
Hobbes 5Reaktor Ensembles2004-02-23 16:33:172017-09-30 06:13:54
HumeReaktor Ensembles2012-07-10 08:04:132018-02-14 18:48:05
Husserl Sapphire for ReaktorReaktor Ensembles2013-11-08 23:45:352017-10-16 01:49:53
Kafka FeedbackReaktor Ensembles2006-03-25 20:26:162017-10-29 21:08:16
KantReaktor Ensembles2001-05-19 19:20:002017-10-29 21:08:37
Lenin MetamodularReaktor Ensembles2006-06-01 01:45:592017-10-29 06:45:40
Marx ModularReaktor Ensembles2005-02-23 22:55:382017-10-29 21:09:26
Nietszsche Spectral DelayReaktor Ensembles2008-11-19 14:06:492017-10-16 01:53:13
Wittgenstein MIDI PatchbayReaktor Ensembles2004-06-03 19:06:002017-10-29 21:09:41
Zeno Groove GeneratorReaktor Ensembles2005-08-24 19:24:082017-10-29 21:09:59
Husserl Preset LibraryHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-08 23:53:082013-11-27 16:47:46
Husserl Panelset AHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-08 23:32:192013-11-27 16:46:42
Husserl Channel PanelHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:43:342013-11-27 16:47:19
Husserl PatternsHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:54:582013-11-27 16:41:22
Husserl Bar PanelsHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:56:062013-11-27 16:41:39
Husserl Clock PanelHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:44:502013-11-27 16:47:19
Husserl Pitch RemappingHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:58:472013-12-03 16:11:20
Husserl Step FiltersHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:52:012013-11-27 16:40:48
Husserl Note filtersHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:51:092013-11-27 16:40:26
Husserl Matrix PanelHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:50:192013-11-27 16:38:48
Husserl Trigger PanelsHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:47:142013-11-27 16:38:16
Husserl Edit PanelHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:46:022013-11-27 16:37:30
Husserl Snap PanelsHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 16:00:182013-11-27 16:45:12
Husserl Record PanelsHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:57:572013-12-01 21:15:10
Husserl Controller PanelsHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:59:382013-11-27 16:45:22
Husserl Output PanelsHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-27 15:53:512013-11-27 16:47:30
Husserl Panelset BHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2013-11-08 23:35:382017-09-27 07:51:51
Husserl MiniHusserl Sapphire for Reaktor Manual2010-06-21 02:15:392013-11-27 16:46:19
Electric PanelElectric Manual2013-12-01 15:19:092017-09-29 23:06:00
Electric PresetsElectric Manual2013-12-01 15:21:362017-09-29 23:06:32
Godel Transposers and ChordsGodel Manual2013-12-01 15:59:052017-09-29 23:52:25
Godel Beat and ArpeggiatorGodel Manual2013-12-01 15:56:182017-09-29 23:49:57
Godel Globals and KeyboardGodel Manual2013-12-01 15:54:102017-09-29 23:47:29
Hobbes ModulationHobbes Manual2013-12-01 15:37:282017-09-30 00:00:21
Hobbes Keyboard, MIDI, and GlobalsHobbes Manual2013-12-01 15:34:242017-09-30 00:01:03
Hobbes Audio PathHobbes Manual2013-12-01 15:40:302017-09-30 00:01:19
Lenin Envelopes and filtersLenin Manual2013-12-01 11:35:132017-09-30 00:08:12
Lenin Sounds, Filters, and DistortionLenin Manual2013-12-01 11:38:412017-09-30 00:07:58
Lenin SequencersLenin Manual2013-12-01 11:36:572017-09-30 00:07:44
Lenin Globals and OutputLenin Manual2013-12-01 11:41:332017-09-30 00:07:27
Marx Envelopes and SequencersMarx Manual2013-12-01 11:58:172017-09-30 00:11:16
Marx Modulation MatrixMarx Manual2013-12-01 12:09:422017-09-30 00:11:05
Marx Pitch and OscillatorsMarx Manual2013-12-01 12:03:412017-09-30 00:10:56
Marx Audio ModifiersMarx Manual2013-12-01 12:11:472017-09-30 00:10:44