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Cycling74 MAX/MSP Software

This page is still being rebuilt. Please contact the author if you need other of his prior work.

Husserl2 Polyphonic Synthesizer

Download (zipfile, 7.8MB, built in Max v8.1.4)

QUICK START: Unzip to any location and open the main patch. To demo the presets, turn on 'RESTORE NOTES' in the PROGRAM panel and double click the preset names to recall them (a single click on the preset names just selects them for the insert/delete buttons). The current playing notes are saved with a preset when you store it. If you dont want to recall notes when recalling a preset, turn RESTORE NOTES off.

The next most important thing to know is that the list boxes below each knob select a modulation source for that knob, with the modulation amount set by clicking and dragging on the number field below the list box.

The toolbar in the top left of the main panel has buttons to open the MIDI file player, bank manager, and detailed interactive help.

Main Features

For a synth of this complexity, multithreading is necessary, which is not currently supported in Max 4 Live. So it has MIDI I/O instead, including MIDI clock, so It could easily be turned into a ReWire client if desired.


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