Welcome! Named for the archangel of beauty, this site provides software tools and knowledge to help you be more beautiful yourself. Yofiel is currently being rebuilt to use its own CMS system.

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The Yofiel 'Content Managment System' (CMS) is a lightweight tool for website development for those just wanting to write content with simple HTML tags. It's designed for simplicity and speed, requiring users to configure a minimal number of data fields while generating a complete, feature-rich Website.

This is the online code editor for the Yofiel CMS. It supports syntax highlighting of PHP7, HML5, CSS3, and C/C++. It has been W3C validated on Chrome, IE, and Safari. The example shows the head element's contents for this this page.



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For those seeking my DSP toolset, multimedia tools, 3D CGI models, translation of the Gospel of Thomas, thesis on natural law, gun-safety analysis, or my 'Benthamite Amendment' now in the U.S. House Oversight & Reform Committee, please contact me at:


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