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Electric for Reaktor 5+
Electric for Reaktor 5+

Electric for Reaktor 5+


The Electric metamusic ensemble is a multifunction, polyphonic analog emulation synthesizer providing professional-quality presets and comprehensive functionality in a clean, simple, and compact design.

The instrument contains audio, effects and modulation sections, as follows.

  • Audio Path. MIDI input controls up to four sound sources: three separately tunable oscillators, plus colored noise, with FM, sync, and vintage drift emulation. The mixed sound sources feed a multimode filter, with comb and dual split modes. The filter routes through optional distortion and variable saturation into a stereo VCA with audio-rate modulation by envelope 1, plus voice-separated pan.
  • Effects Path.. The stereo output passes into a multistage effects chain. A 3-band EQ precedes the insert and send effects. The insert may be either a phaser or chorus. The send may be either reverb or delay. The send effect passes into a separate 2-band EQ before entering a final amplitude gate.
  • Modulation Matrix. A modulation matrix applies up to five different modulations from 10 sources (2 envelopes, 2 polyphonic LFOs, note pitch, aftertouch, velocity, and XY pad) to the most effective destinations. Hardwired modulations from the mod wheel are also routed throughout the instrument.

The following diagram summarizes the instrument’s architecture.

Electric Architecture
Electric Architecture

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