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A Newer Testament with Gospel of Thomas
A Newer Testament with Gospel of Thomas

A Newer Testament with Gospel of Thomas


30 years in the making,A Newer Testament includes fresh and rational perspectives on the life of Jesus and events following, together with a new translation of theGospel of Thomas and letters by the author. The 1st Academy Edition is now available for free download.

Table of Contents

Content Warning

This content is intended for mature audiences. In recounting some new and unusual views, this book includes substance and language that some may find objectionable. In particular, this caution applies to those who find offensive views related to divine inspiration, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Neoplatonism, Quakerism, Buddhism, Greek Orthodoxy, Rosicrucianism, and scientific explanations for miracles.Parental guidance for all minors under 21 is advised.

  1. Holy Crap: The Birth; The Gifts - The Crap.
  2. Boors, Bands, and Bee Orchids: Boors; Bands; Bee Orchids.
  3. The Young Nazarene Jesus: Divining the Truth - His Early Childhood.
  4. The Looting of Egypt’s Ancient Internet: The Library of Alexandria; Jesus in Alexandria.
  5. He Wanted us to be Nice to Each Other: The Wilderness; Into the Crowds.
  6. The Sponge: In Jerusalem; The Crucifixion.
  7. The Aftermath: The Rise from Barbarism - The Rise from the Tomb; The Rise of Hope - The Rise from Guilt.
  8. Heaven and the Early Church: Inside us versus After Death; Origen; Castration and Self Mutilation?; The First Nicene Committee; On Repentance.
  9. The Three Eras of the Trinity: The Freemasons; The Importance of the Trinity; The Era of the Father; The Era of the Son; The Era of the Spirit.
  10. The Apocalypse: The Second Coming; The Library at Patmos; Bidding Thee Well.

The Gospel of Thomas

  • In color!

Letters on Metaspirituality

  1. The Divine Origination of Jefferson’s Natural Rights, and their Application: The Naivety of Self-Evident Truth; Natural Rights as Positive Law; On the Theistic Premise, and Other Contentions; Practical Applications; Social Decay and Rousseau's Will of the People; Reversing the Decline; References on Natural Law.
  2. Non-Violent Direct Action as a Catalyst for Change: NVDA as Civil Disobedience; An Example of Experience: the Nuclear Silo Dance; Notes.
  3. The Times of Year: On the Theophany of Jesus’ Baptism; on Easter Sunday.
  4. Resolving Personal Differences: Mysticism, Color, and Shared Secrets in Wittgenstein; Language Games and Shared Secrets = Mystery of Knowledge; Conclusion; References.
  5. The Kosmos and Heavenly Circuit of Plotinus: Ah! Plotinus!; First Tractate: on the Kosmos; Second Tractate: on the Heavenly Circuit.
  6. Jesus as Bodhisattva: The Law of Karmic Delusion; The Karmic Vehicles.



A Newer Testament with Gospel of Thomas

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About the Author

Ernest L Meyer studied Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford University. Now retired, he worked in Silicon Valley as a technology journalist and engineering specifications writer. He is son to Dr. Karl Meyer, retired member of the Editorial Board at the New York Times, teacher, and author. He has been named Master Freemason in the Wild of the 13th-Century Lodge in Devonshire (UK), and member working in oversight for the Society of Friends (Palo Alto, CA).