Welcome! Named for the archangel of beauty, this site provides software tools and knowledge to help you be more beautiful yourself. Yofiel is currently being rebuilt to use its own CMS system.

The Yofiel Open-Source CMS

Yofiel Template

The Yofiel 'Content Managment System' (CMS) is a lightweight tool for website development for those just wanting to write content with simple HTML tags. It's designed for simplicity and speed, requiring users to configure a minimal number of data fields while generating a complete, feature-rich Website. Benefits include:

How it Works

The CMS acts on user documents, which contain a handful of variables at the top, followed by the document in standard HTML format. Supported tags include A, B, BLOCKQUOTE, CODE, DATA, DL+TD/DD, H!~H6, I, IMG, P, STRONG, SUB, SUPER, U, PRE, TABLE+TR+TH/TD, UL/OL+LI, and VIDEO.

The CMS parses the user document with three PHP files to create the Web Page on demand, adding stylesheets, a YouTube player for VIDEO, code hightighting for PRE, a PDF viewer for DATA, and metadata for images and descroiptions to appear when links are published on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other media.

Yofiel Template

Individual pages only need only five variables. The CMS could determine the filename automatically, but some URLs are redirected, so this variable contains the canonical path now. The head.php file includes all the required scripts to genrate the headers. A similar require statement for a foot.php file at the end of the document text runs the plugin insertion scripts and adds the same footer to all pages.

Page variables


The entire CMS is open source and available under GPL 3.0 license.



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