Trump promises he'll build a wall along the Mexican border, professedly to keep Mexicans out, but you do know he is kind of annoyed Bush invaded Iraq instead of Mexico? And now Cruz et al. want a wall too? So the new plan is actually to invade Mexico, like Israel does with its walls, obviously! Finally, an invasion America could actually win, do you think?

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...

I'd guess it will go like this...The hidden agenda is FIRST to stop the flood of AR15s being sold across the border from America to the drug cartels, which is where gun dealers make the most money. That's necessary in preparation for a succession of additional walls to take over Mexican territory, like Israel did.The only REAL reason for the wall along the border is prelude for invasion, while creating all kinds of blather to stop people thinking about what naturally happens AFTER building an Israeli-style wall. Suddenly, AFTER the wall, sweatshops built by American corporations are on the wrong side of the wall. Surprise! We need more walls into Mexico to protect the sweatshops!

So the invasion has already started. Yup, see it here. "'We should have invaded Mexico': Donald Trump bashes Iraq war, suggests a different one" (Salon, July 12 2015).

Then Trump has to build pillboxes all along the Californian and Southern coast to stop the speedboats, and have jet planes shooting down bi-wings continuously, and after the civil unrest, have something like yellow stars sewn on all the lapels of legal Mexicans. So it'll be rather like living in Nazi Germany before the allies invaded, except with hi-tech chips in credit cards instead of yellow stars. We'll all get card scanners to find out if we our Mexican waitress should be deported. But many Americans will still like it, due to a national frustration with having an army 8 times larger than the next three countries combined, and still unable to conquer anyone without massive assistance from other countries for over a hundred years.

Apparently Cruz thinks invading Mexico it's a good idea now, but I don't believe it will help him. First off, ALL the republicans will break the treaty with Iran, which will be the last time any other nation ever trusts the USA ever. So world war is eventually inevitable, and there's nothing the republicans could like more. Since the unjustified war in Iraq and no accountability for US torture, the republicans have shown themselves capable of anything already. The only issue is the timing of the world war they are creating.

From the financial market point of view, invading Mexico is better than starting a war with Russia too soon, which is what Cruz would do in impetuosity, with some naive belief that size makes a difference. The Russians will laugh all the way to the war brothel and back, having been getting in unified readiness for this inevitability for decades, while America continues to switch policy back and forth, knee-jerk reacting to each crisis and alienating more and more countries each time. However, financial markets don't need a victory so much as turbulent distraction. Much as the big money likes the idea of war at its convenience, it's little early for the markets, That's because they expect another bull run before the baby boomers start retiring, and don't benefit from a war with Russia to disguise the fiscal collapse for ~4-6 years. None of the other Republican candidates besides Trump seem to be able to keep it in their pants at all, and are far too eager to show off their superiority, whereas Trump is used to being in charge already and doesn't actually need to show off. So currently the big money ends up having to back Trump.

If the republicans get in, they will also repeal all national healthcare of course, so the financials can make more money off people being ill, especially as the aging population is the best way to make profit. They'll repeal all gun control so they can get money from the NRA, and probably enjoy a little civil war in Texas, because the gunrunners won't have anything else to do with their surplus AR15s.

The democrats are kind of stuck. At first blush, the caucus can't actually support Sanders, because he doesn't stand one chance of getting anything through the senate at all. So the party wants to support Hillary, but then the anti-establishment young that Sanders has created won't vote for her, out of total apathy, and Sanders has split the party, making the party useless or its chances of winning miniscule. If Sanders does get in, nothing will happen at all unless Sanders gets assassinated, after which there is some chance for a more effective VP taking over. But more likely, there will be another depression after Sanders so alienates ALL the billionaires that they ALL relocate themselves AND their businesses to other countries, With the speed of modern business, it could take as little as a couple of years for the entire nation to be virtually bankrupt. So you may have thought the idea preposterous, but assassination is not as farfetched as it might sound. The irony of the current situation is, Sanders could beat Trump, but the rest of the paid-in-pocket Democratic party have no real wish whatsoever for Sanders to win, unless they are going to assassinate him. Let the glory days roll....

Whichever way, the peaceful and wealthy democracy we have learned to love is at an end. Time to celebrate what time we have left, and not be so surprised when things start to go south next year. I thought about it, and given the alternatives, I have to go for Trump, even though I'd rather have more gun control. I can't vote for Bernie, he's too nice a guy to get assassinated.

Funny isn't it? Well it would be funny if those d**m guns would stop calling in the police sirens somewhere within a few blocks, at least once a week just before midnight.