On Tuesday July 21st 2015, the Committee to Evaluate the Defense Budget recommended freezing the defense budget for five years. Taking the total military budget and dividing by number of active military personnel, spending is now only $4.2 million per soldier.

Thankfully, as President Obama is reducing military personnel by 10%, freezing the military budget will increase spending to $4.6 million per soldier.But is this really enough?

Current Annual Education and Military Spending per Teacher and Soldier
Current Annual Education and Military Spending per Teacher and Soldier

Consider, US military spending is:

  • Only 43% of military spending worldwide
  • Only eight times more than any other country
  • Only ~60% of total budget (including veterans expenses)
  • Only an order of magnitude higher than education and ObamaCare combined.

But we may still be grateful that military spending has,at least, tripled in the last ten years. In the same time, childhood poverty has also tripled, and one third of all children in the USA are now below the poverty line, but as the above graph shows, the government is taking care of that by an all-too-generous investment in teachers; and the GOP proudly points to this as the reason for the elimination of the consequentially unnecessary food stamps.

Is this really enough to spend on killing people? If we raised spending on education, that would teach more people that killing inevitably leads to more killing, which would undermine the military budget. So that's not a good idea.

And is it the best way to spend the money? After all, teachers are expected to pay for classroom aids out of their own salary. What if we did the same thing with the military? That way, we could deploy a 100,000 soldiers overseas with, say $4 million/year each, and tell them to hand it out to the local businesses they like, instead. No one would want to shoot them, everyone would like us, and we would have international peace. To achieve the same via killing people instead, we'd probably have to triple expenditures..Or more. Maybe $15 million/year per soldier would be enough to eradicate the opposition, but maybe the Pentagon needs more.

But we can't afford it. So, what should we do to improve the budget? Well, the GOP points out that ObamaCare is unfair to decent taxpayers who shouldn't have to pay for such ludicrous expenses, just because other people are poorer. So.the best thing to do must be to close down ObamaCare and shift all the money to the military. That would increase spending per soldier to $4.62 million a year.

That extra 0,05% which ObamaCare would add to military spending would really be a much more effective deterrent to terrorists.The foes may be too illiterate and sick to realize it, and a third of all American children back home may be below the poverty line too. Nonetheless, equipped with that extra 0.05% of military gear by cutting Obamacare waste, our soldier is finally going to be the deadly killing machine we so desperately need for world peace, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, with equal opportunity for all.