Trump's statement that health insurance only costs a dollar a month goes from bad to worse. How does he manage to do this to himself over and over again?

Counting the ways Trump shot his friends and Americans in one day
Counting the ways Trump shot his friends and Americans in one day

Here are the events of July 20, just one day at the end of six months into Trump's Presidency, and conclusions drawn from it.

Trump Thought Health Insurance is a Dollar a Month

First, Trump stated to the New York Times that health insurance costs a 21-year-old only $12/year. This revealed that Trump still didn't know the difference between LIFE and HEALTH insurance. He still thought young adults could buy health insurance for a dollar a month. He's a billionaire, so why should he know how much people actually pay? He never had a reason to care about the difference between life insurance and health insurance. But no one thought to tell him, because it was assumed too obvious to need stating. So that's what he's believed for years.

No one has yet recognized the full significance of the appalling admission that Trump thinks health insurance is ridiculously cheap. That long standing confusion explains both Trump's ludicrous campaign promises, and why he thought Trumpcare would be so easy, and his total failure to pass any legislation in his first six months. If he believes such fundamentally wrong facts, how much else has he got wrong in his brain? But he can't see it himself. He has been shouting how well he knows the truth at 300 million people for years. He continues to ignore the proof of his own failings.

Draining the Swamp

His deep ignorance now exceeds that which Press Secretary Sean Spicer can explain away as he's told to. So this was the day that Spicer quit. Trump's legal team spokesman, Mark Corallo, also resigned, stating the information given him is too frequently falsified. And he's a lawyer on Trump's private legal team. As an encore, Trump sought a Presidential pardon for himself, showing he doesn't understand the Constitution either.

Then Trump put his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, on probational warning for refusing to break the law. On the surface it is confusing, as Sessions was Trump's most loyal supporter and first senator to endorse him. But if one reviews the fate of other such senior staff--Lewandowski, Mannafort, Christie, Giuliani, Yates, Flynn, Bharara, Reid, Comey--Trump needs to ruin the life for one every eight weeks. Thus Attorney General Sessions might well need to prove his loyalty by breaking the law, or he will be be cast out too in August. That's not what Trump says "draining the swamp" means, but that's what he does.

Making America Great

For comic relief, if more farcical actions are actually comedic, Trump played with a toy from Corning, which provided 3rd-grade-style levers for him to press on a new 'unbreakable pill bottle.' Future generations will curse that awful invention in garbage heaps for centuries henceforth. This pointless pseudo-medical technology was the only one Trump lauded on this day to celebrate his 'Made in America" publicity week.

An Unusual Day?

And that was one day. So you think that was an unusual day, perhaps? The prior day, Trump called the entire Republican senate to the White House and publicly scolded his own party like bad teenage children, while glorifying himself, for more than an hour. Without offering one single suggestion how to improve healthcare, he demanded they pass something. Anything at all. This was in total apposition to what he said the day before that, when he said to let Obamacare fail, totally absconding all responsibility for 33 million Americans, many of whose 'beautiful babies' would die by his own willful intent. As if even impossible to do anything worse, he was saying to let Obamacare fail AT THE SAME TIME as Vice President Pence was asking the senate to repeal Obamacare without replacing it. He can't coordinate his mouth with his own Vice President's actions.

He's even unable to be consistent with his own prior commands, let alone his closest advisors, who all run circles around him in endless recurring damage control, while he unpredictably changes direction every day. At any time he might suddenly attack any person or group whatsoever, adding more enemies to the long list he's already made.

Don't Impeach Him: Put him in a Straight Jacket

With this amount of chaos, a major world war is pretty well inevitable. And no one disagrees that Trump, without compunction, would start a nuclear war to prevent himself being impeached. The man is an ignorant megalomaniac, and without doubt psychotic, given his tenuous grasp on reality and truth. In fact, as he always seeks more power to overcome the thousands of infractions from his own past, casting anything and anyone aside for his own aggrandizement, he has been medically diagnosed as psychopathic already.

How much longer does this Game of Swamps continue? Forget impeachment. We really need to take the nuclear codes away from this man before he starts a war by mistake, then invents a reason why he launched nuclear warheads on purpose. The situation he has created is beyond legal salvation, and he is a danger to the entire world. He needs men in white coats to put him in a straight jacket. Amidst thousands of lies, hidden deceits, self adulations, and escalating condemnations of everybody everywhere, that's the only way that he, and the one third of the USA he has martialed behind him in uneducated hate and spite, will be able to accept how insane he really is.

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