A number of Youtube viewers are available for Joomla, but all the ones I checked have the same problem. They install the entire Youtube video player and start downloading the video before the page is fully loading, causing a long hang for end users. This small script instead displays a picture of the video and puts a play button over its top. The Youtube player and video itself are not loaded until the user clicks on the link. Here is a demo.


When I scripted this, my front page had four Youtube videos on it. I tried installing half a dozen youtube players from JED, and all of them, took at least 8 seconds to load.

So I made this one. By deferring the player and video load, the page no longer needed any JavaScript libraries for load, reducing time to user interactivity by 6 seconds.

Installation and Setup

Download the zipfile from the download section and install it into Joomla. Enable the plugin from the plugin manager. There are no options required.


All Yofiel plugins put their media content in the same subdirectory, {JOOMLA_ROOT)/media/yofiel/. This directory also contains copies of any Javascript and CSS files which the plugin uses.

When set to use the default stylesheet, the plugins use the version in the plugin subdirectory. When the plugin is set to use a custom stylesheet or javascript file, and the textfield for the custom file is blank (or only contains spaces), then the plugin does not load the file at all. So you can merge all the stylesheets and javascript files that you want in the media subdirectory. Then you can either load the files from one of the plugins, or include the scripts and styles in your template and not load any of the files from the plugins at all.


. The plugin has been tested with Joomla 3.4 and joomla 3.5 on PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and 7.0. The plugin should work with older Joomla versions.

Release Notes

Note:n Since the original release, Youtube has fixed the issue with full-screen display in HTML5, so yTube is no longer included in the yView lightbox.

  • 3/20/2016: Major Update Release:
    • Video thumbnails are now cached on the local server. The best quality thumbnail is selected automatically.
    • Added options:
      • Player can now be enabled on featured/blog pages separately from articles
      • Player default size can be be different on featured/blog pages than on articles
      • ImageMack is used by default for file compression if available, but PHP's built-0in compression can be selected instead, if desired.
      • A custom CSS stylesheet for the player can be specified, and the default stylesheet disabled.
    • Joomla Update functionality is implemented.
    • the player code is templated for customization.
    • Code is annotated and de-obfuscated.
    • Improved compatibility with WAMP on Windows with virtual hosts.
  • 2/26/2015: First release.
  • Download

    Download: yView 2
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    Brief Description:
    The yview lightbox slideshow, page accelerator, thumbnail generator, and microdata.metadata manager for Joomla 3.