Since its release on 3/7/09, Husserl Sapphire Edition has met with vibrant delight from subscribers.

The Premiere Metasequencer
The Premiere Metasequencer

What is Sapphire?

Welcome to Husserl Sapphire Edition, a multifunction, polyphonic step sequencer that provides more possibilities in a single, integrated instrument than available anywhere else.

Built as a Reaktor 5.0 ensemble, Sapphire provides the most powerful step sequencing abilities available in a unified instrument. It provides all the sophistication of a modular tool, but you don't need to build your own custom modular setups; the modularity is already built into it! With just a few clicks, all its sequencers can trigger and change each other. And MIDI can also change and trigger all the sequencers in many different ways. Yet even with all its complexity, creating music with Husserl is as simple as it could be.

Obtaining Husserl

A production version of Husserl is $199, and is now being provided as a standalone product.

Delving into the Panels

Version 0.99 ~ March 13, 2009 3:02 am

Metamusic Overview

Sapphire Edition is a member of the Husserl family. Husserl is a member of the Metamusic series of musical instruments from Yofiel.

About Husserl Versions

The Sapphire Edition is the most sophisticated member of the Husserl sequencer family. Currently, newer versions are all feature supersets of older versions. The three main versions of Husserl have the following primary differences:

  • 097 (RAINBOW) - Single channel MIDI output.
  • 098 (EMERALD) - Core and panel redesign for complete multichannel output and low CPU requirements.
  • 099 (SAPPHIRE) - Banks, snap chaining, note transformations, snap demos, and feature completion throughout the instrument.

If you have played previous versions of this instrument, you can find information on significant changes at the end of each topic.

Friendly Copyright

Husserl for Reaktor 5 is distributed as a completely open source instrument. You are welcome to modify the instrument for your own needs, or request modifications be made for you. If you wish to redistribute any part of this instrument to others besides yourself, please contact Heavens*OnEarth and obtain permission.

New features in Spphire

In Sapphire, the most recent member of the Husserl family, enhancements include:

  • Expanded Snapshot Library - More than a 100 demo snaps, fully documented, and each showing a different way to create your own unique music.
  • Advanced Snap Handling - Keep 1000s of snaps in multiple, menu-selected banks. Build songs with a few clicks via a simple yet powerful snap changer; playing notes can clip or sustain across snap changes.
  • Note Transformations - Clip, filter, wrap, mirror, transform, and shape pitch and/or velocity with curves.
  • New Modulation Matrix Panel - View and change all matrix pins at once.
  • Advanced Jitter Controls - Realistic note and chord rendering.
  • Hard Clock Sync - Trigger notes instantaneously from MIDI and let them multiply across the matrix in real time, or set them to inherit precise tempo and perfect pattern coherence from new modulo-based counter/divider options. Any master note can create slave notes on any other sequencer channel in perfect synchronized songpos-based timing. Both the master and slave notes can change each other, before the note outputs route to any combination of MIDI channels and Reaktor instruments.
  • Additional Step Mode Options - New pitch, Velocity, and transport controls in step modes.
  • Universal Undo and Hardwired Defaults - Replicate sequencer channels and patterns with confidence. Copy a pattern to another channel and change it with a few clicks. Interconnect, mix, and split your favorite clips across multiple channels in different snapshot chains.
  • Display Enhancements - Simpler, faster, and more comprehensive user interface.
  • New Direction Modes - Flip patterns and bars around with ease.
  • Comprehensive Documentation - To wet your appetite you can browse the online manual in Reaktor format, which is available for free.