Spiralab 2 is fully multiphonic, multitimbral FM 3-D AV Synthesizer with 16 step sequencers. It convolves the audio waveforms to draw them in OpenGL, in real time, from the music that a performer is making. Spiralab 2 has a multimbral 3-oscillator FM synthesizer, real-time performance controls, 16 sequencer channels, and 16 AV channels. As the instrument is fully multitimbral, each channel can play and display on any number of voices at any one time, up to the capacity of the system.

Spiralab 2.0
Spiralab 2.0

Sync'ed Multichannel Architecture

The onscreen keyboard, MIDI, and sequencers can all play any of the sounds on the 16 channels on any of the available voices. The performer can modify sound and video parameters of any channel in real time to directly change the playing sound and video on all current and future voices. The performance data is internally stored in 32 sync'ed buffers, in order that that more than one channel can play the same program. Changes to one channel may selectively affect all other channels playing the same program. Currently the buffers track and synchronize about 130 performance parameters. All 32 channel buffers are saved and restored on application close and restart.

Spiralab 2 Panels
Spiralab 2 Panels

System Requirements

Spiralab 2 is currently available for Windows 7+ in 32-bit and 64-bit builds. Prior versions have also been compiled for MacOs, and MacOs will be required for native AV capture without an external HD recorder. The system is scalable to lower CPu requirements, but at least an Intel i5 or equivalent is recommended. Hardware OpenGL acceleration is also recommended. For professional audio cards, ASIO drivers are supported. 

The system is designed to support massively parallel AV constructs, based upon a custom voice allocator, simpler versions of which have been shared in the Cycling 74 toolbox. The allocator optimizes channel resources for the available voices. At 33 fps HD output and 88.2 kHz, the average CPU load on a 3GHz Intel i7 (with nVidia GTX460 graphics and standard motherboard audio drivers) is now only 15% while playing playing 16th notes at 120bpm on all 16 sequencer channels with 12 voices. Additional CPU capacity will be required for future enhancements and AV recording.


Planned enhancements in Spiralab (still in prototype stage) include additional rendering modes, materials, animated trajectories controlled by the LFO and sequencer, dual-band filters, multiple matrix modulations, and green-screen support for video integration of the effect at movie quality.


For 2Q2104, Spiralab2 is being made available for free, on request, to qualified commercial studios in California. Please contact Yofiel for more information.

The sequencer and audio synthesizer may also be made available, in the future, as standalone products to consumer users.

About Yofiel

Yofiel has been supplying custom software to professionals in TV and movie studios, as well as hobbyist musicians, since 2001. Clients have included musicians at E! entertainment and Sony Classic Movie Studios, and its products have been widely heard on a number of TV series, including 'Kings,' 'The Philanthropist,' and '30 Rock.'

In 2011, Yofiel started to integrate 3D video with its existing audio architectures, as well as migrating the designs from the Native Instruments Reaktor application, to native binary applications for Windows and MacOS. Spiralab 2 is the first software being made commercially available since the initiation of native binary development for AV applications.