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This simple key-scale remapper, with eight scales and transposition, fits in the Ula modular system. It picks up [channel:pitch:gate] messages from any source, remaps the pitch, and forwards the message to the Polyvoice multichannel controller on the same channel. Preset scales are major, minor, blues, and pentatonic.

Ula Pitch Remapper
Ula Pitch Remapper

Here are some tips on various ways to use pitch remapping for music.

Scale Notes
Chromatic Output same as input.
Major There are three different mappings to each of these standard scales. See Scale Variations, following.
Harmonic Minor
Melodic Minor
Dorian Interesting for melodic variation on classical themes.
Phrygian Rarefied sounds, especially with pitch modulation patches.
Lydian Often exotic with pitch modulation patches.
Mixolydian Pleasing for many pitch modulation patches.
Blues Pleasing for popular music compositions.
Blues Pentatonic Provides harmonic sounds even with deep chords.
Reverse Swaps notes around, interesting when duplicating patterns, recording, and playing drums.
Subst Minor
Subst Major

Remapper Design

The design snoops resets to setup the lists for scale remap on system reset. To add a chord note, one could simply set this Ula module to snoop rather than receive point-to-point messages. If unfamiliar with these terms and the UIa ring methodology, please refer to the Ula 1.1 overview on this site.


Download: Ula 1.1 Pitch Remapper
Ula 1.1 Pitch Remapper (Details)
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Brief Description:
A simple module to remap pitches in a Max/Msp 6.1 .maxpat file. v1.1 fixes a list format issue.