TOI is a harmonic delay with two integrated VST client interfaces. Quality harmonization is CPU intensive, so it runs as a standalone application. It is currently compiled for Win32 and has completed beta one testing. Yofiel seeks established US companies for code integration. The UI and controls are entirely flexible and will be modified to the partner's requirements.

Harmonic Delay Design

In this design, audio input is typically monophonic, for example, a singer or flute. It may also derive audio from a VST plugin, such as an included SoundFont generator. The input source passes a stereo audio stream to a two-channel harmonizer to create chords from an external audio source. Each note in the chord from the harmonizer feeds into a different tap in a multitap tempo delay. In the current implementation, there is a stereo ping-pong feedback delay path, and a VST plugin interface in the return path is populated with a compressor. A multichannel, multiband compressor could be substituted in the interface, and the VST plugin itself hidden so it could not be replaced by other components if the partner wishes to expand its compressor line.


TOI is a member of the ULA family of multimedia designs. TOI is being implemented as a Ula module.