Cycling'74 patches

This area contains various information on patches for Cycling-74 Max/MSP/Jitter. Please see the Metamusic area for more information on prior audio designs. Some of these are also described as projects and tools for Cycling'74 on its website,

Glitch Art with BEAP

Glitch art refers to the use of audio signals and audio effects to modify images. The Cycling74 BEAP modular synthesizer system is particularly suited to glitching. This article provides a prototype for the first glitch modular system in Max7. This is very advantages for glitch art, because numerous audio modules are already available in BEAP for waveform generation, filtering, and effects; the results can be viewed in real time; the modular system is openly extensible to support many artistic variants; and modules can be customized for unique results.


Yofiel's First Glitch Art

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  • Ula

    Ula is a demonstration of how to use token-ring network theory for message routing in Max. 

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