Cycling'74 patches

This area contains various information on patches for Cycling-74 Max/MSP/Jitter. Please see the Metamusic area for more information on prior audio designs. Some of these are also described as projects and tools for Cycling'74 on its website,

Antialiased Oscillators

Recent advances in Efficient Polynomial Transition Region (EPTR) algorithms provide remarkable performance and quality. Here is a new EPTR pulse oscillator with variable pulse width, FM, and sync. It offers exceptionally well-defined harmonic bands, and low noise between them, providing astonishingly pure square waves that closely resemble vintage analog hardware, with extended frequency response up to MIDI F7 at 44.1kHz and MIDI F8 at 96 kHz. Here also is a unique design that improves the quality of sawtooth and variable-width triangle waves.

New Pulse Oscillator Improves Quality across the Spectrum

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  • Ula

    Ula is a demonstration of how to use token-ring network theory for message routing in Max. 

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