Cycling'74 patches

This area contains various information on patches for Cycling-74 Max/MSP/Jitter. Please see the Metamusic area for more information on prior audio designs. Some of these are also described as projects and tools for Cycling'74 on its website,

Ula 1.2 Global Save

so far, Ula modules have not implemented global save and recall. It's a pretty simple addition.

Ula 1.2 Global Save/Recall

Design Method

The diagram shows, on the left, a top-level preset module injecting values into the Ula ring. The preset values are prefixed by an upperdcase 'R' to put them on the clobal reconfigure signal chain. On preset recall, an additional lowercase r is added, and for save, two lowercase s prefixes.

On the right, an Ula module has one additional router object to catch the preset recall and save signals. It must be before the SEL object, or the SEL object creates an error when it receives letters instead of numbers. So the additional router object must filter out all other messages with a letter prefix before they reach the SEL object.

For recalls, the preset object simpy expects an integer, so the router chain strips the 'R r' prefix and simply sends the subpatcher preset object an integer. For saves, the preset object expects an 's' prefix, which is why there is an additional 's' in the prefix for save messages.