The most sophisticated integrated step sequencer ever made, Husserl Sapphire, has over the last four years been rewritten so that it does not require Reaktor to play. Today, Husserl 2 played its first polyphonic fugue.

Husserl 2
Husserl 2


For 2Q2104, Husserll 2 is being made available for free, on request, to qualified commercial studios in California. Please contact Yofiel for more information.

The sequencer may also be made available, in the future, as standalone products to consumer users.

About Yofiel

Yofiel has been supplying custom software to professionals in TV and movie studios, as well as hobbyist musicians, since 2001. Clients have included musicians at E! entertainment and Sony Classic Movie Studios, and its products have been widely heard on a number of TV series, including 'Kings,' 'The Philanthropist,' and '30 Rock.'

In 2011, Yofiel started to integrate 3D video with its existing audio architectures, as well as migrating the designs from the Native Instruments Reaktor application, to native binary applications for Windows and MacOS. Spiralab 2 is the first software being made commercially available since the initiation of native binary development for AV applications.