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TOPIC: Discussion on antialiasing banned again on KVR

Discussion on antialiasing banned again on KVR 2 years 7 months ago #1

If you have any issues with my new antialiased oscillator designs, which others have most unreasonably insulted in a number of stupid ways, you will have to discuss them on this thread. KVR Audio has in its wisdom decided to defend those who have written unsubstantiated accusations about my work not being original. I was temporarily able to respond to some comments, but after referrers from KVR attempted to log in as administrator on this site, I decided not to make more problems by sponsoring KVR with advertising, after which a temporary restoral of my rights to post there was reomoved.

KVR has been kind enough to restore my own threads on the antialiased oscillator, which additionally were temporarily deleted, as there is now more than one person there now also attempting to claim credit for my own work. Also it has been stated my work is the same as other previous oscillators, and on checking I found this was not true, but further debate on the topic is both pointless, and banned on KVR.

Note this forum receives several hundred virus attacks a day, still by appearances originated by those who attacked my work on KVR. So this forum is also now moderated.
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