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TOPIC: VVV and KVR Audio leeches,thieves,and pirates

VVV and KVR Audio leeches,thieves,and pirates 2 years 9 months ago #1

Sorry to hear about these issues, I just wanted to reply and tell you how appreciated your generosity is regarding the open sharing of your hard work. It's a dying attitude these days unfortunately, probably for the very reasons you've just experienced. I'm a Max beginner interested in creating small, simple synths to eventually work together algorithmically. I'd never have the skill to create oscillators like this myself, or even consider it, so being able to see how somebody like yourself goes about creating such a thing is very educational to me, it's the best sort of encouragement, to see what's possible!

So I just wanted to at least take the time to thank you, and I hope you don't get too discouraged, I really like this site, your work, and your writing, some interesting reads here too.

Best to you.

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VVV and KVR Audio leeches,thieves,and pirates 2 years 9 months ago #2

Well, I think it probably has a lot to do with my age (49) and the amount of time using the internet (since the mid 90s), the whole open-ness and sharing spirit was more prevalent back then I think. Even with open source being still around it never really made serious inroads to the music production world. I've used Linux for years and had really high hopes that it would eventually become dominant but most people seem to be content with just using what they're given, without question, or bothering to even try to learn the basics of how computers work these days. That said, I'm still no expert, by any means, I was never good at maths as my education was not great and it's only recently that I've decided to try and not feel intimidated by stuff I don't understand. Seems you can teach an old dog new tricks after all!

I'll continue to follow you work with interest, might even throw a few questions at you from time to time if that's ok. :)


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VVVV and KVR Audio leeches,thieves,and pirates 2 years 9 months ago #3


just wanted to hop in here to make some things clear. the VVVV.Audio pack is an open source project which extends vvvv and is maintained by me.

the chain of events which lead me here is as follows: i saw the EPTR oscialltor article on the cycling '74 facebook page and found it very interesting as i was looking for some decent oscillators for VVVV.Audio. the tradeoff between implementation simplicity, cpu load and sound quality looked perfect so i read your article and the Abrits/Bank paper as well as some random internet resources.

so thank you very much for sharing your code and experience with this topic, without it i would probably still searching for a suitable osc implementation.

at the end i used the square wave algorithm from your article, it really is the only EPTR pulse wave algo which is available in the public domain. the triangle and sawtooth algorithms in the OscSignal.cs are the ones i found in the paper, which are different from the triangle and sawtooth in your article. they work pretty well and i could not find any error...

then of course i shared my results in the KVR forums so that others have an open source resource of EPTR oscillators in a C style language which is easier to port than the ~gen code. Since you wrote in the article that you were not able to get the algos from the paper to work, it was also an offer to port them over to ~gen. And i was hoping for a code discussion but it did not happen since you where banned for reasons i have no knowledge about.

is my following understanding of this thread correct? you are cool with the fact that someone ports the ~gen implementation (since this is the idea of open source as long as credits are given). but you are not cool with other things happening on KVR which i have no part in.

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